Feel Joy ….. Feel Peace …..

Welcome to Bliss Tranquility where life is all about feeling joyful, feeling peaceful, finding a state of being that resonates with our highest good in mind, body and spirit.


We know from scientific studies that everything is energy, from the tiniest atoms, living cells and living organisms on earth in the plants and trees, flowers and vegetables, animals and human beings and every vibrational molecule in between.

We all rely on a balanced flow of energy from the earth and the universe to live.

The moon’s gravitational force causing the tides to keep flowing in every ocean, the sun’s glorious rays bringing light so plant cells can grow, the movement of the planets in the solar system throughout the cosmos and across this vast universe all affecting our beautiful planet.

Consciously connecting to this natural source of energy all around awakens the same source of energy that flows deep within us all. We are amazing, we can create inner joy, restore balance and find inner peace and inner harmony, we can reclaim our energetic authenticity to live our lives full of positive potential even after the flow of energy has been disrupted by busy workloads, stressful living, difficult life events and ill health.

Bliss Tranquility aims to bring balance and harmony to mind, body, and spirit through uplifting, joyful, exciting, peaceful, calm and authentic events, interactions and experiences including Energy Healing, Bi-Aura® Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Workshops, Courses, Music For Meditation, Sound, Music and Dance Experiences and much more.

For Bliss Tranquility Healing the Practitioner is a Spiritual Healer and a Healer Member of The Healing Trust, (National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK), and a Bi-Aura® Therapy Practitioner registered with Bi-Aura® International.