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We are amazing! We can create inner joy, restore balance to find inner peace and harmony, we can reclaim our energetic authenticity to live our lives full of positive potential, even after the flow of energy within us has been disrupted by busy workloads, stressful living, difficult life events and ill health.

Science tells us everything is energy, from tiny atoms to living cells and organisms in the soil, plants, trees, flowers, animals to human beings and every vibrational molecule in between.

‘The entire universe is inside you…’


We all rely on a balanced flow of energy between the earth and universe to live. The moon’s gravitational force causes the tides to keep flowing in every ocean, the sun’s golden rays bring light so plant cells can grow, the movement of the stars and planets across this vast universe all affect our beautiful blue planet and us.

Consciously connecting to this natural source of energy all around awakens the same source of energy that flows deep within us all.

Bliss Tranquility aims to bring balance and harmony to body and mind, nurturing the soul through uplifting, joyful, exciting, peaceful, calming and authentic Sessions, Classes, Courses, Events and Experiences including Yoga, Breath-Work, Relaxation, Energy & Wellbeing, Mindfulness & Meditation and Music & Dance.


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