Bi-Aura® Therapy

What Is Bi-Aura® Therapy?

 “Everything is energy, match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  Albert Einstein

Bi-Aura® Therapy is an advanced system of bio-energy healing that works by balancing the human bio-field. The human bio-field is a complex, biological electromagnetic field of energy.

The human body has areas within it where energy is received via the human bio-field, assimilated and expressed.

If the human bio-field surrounding the human body becomes overly stressed this can lead to a reduction in the energy flowing into the human body, over time this reduction in the flow of energy can cause energy-blockages, which may cause illness.

Bi-Aura® Therapy Practitioners are trained to tune into blockages in the human bio-field and to remove these blockages by using a selection of Bi-Aura® Therapy techniques, mostly non-invasive (non-touch).

Once the energy blockages are removed from the body, and the flow of energy is restored it is normally only a matter of days or weeks before the client experiences a ‘higher level of health’.

Bi-Aura® Therapy is a non-invasive energy therapy and has proved to be as exciting as it is effective.

What To Expect During A Bi-Aura® Therapy Session

The client remains fully clothed (removing footwear) and will stand and sit on a chair during a Bi-Aura® Therapy Session. If required the client may also lie on the couch.

The Bi-Aura® Therapy is carried out by a Bi-Aura® Practitioner, who follows a structured format over four sessions with a client. The practitioner will re-establish the flow of Universal and Earth Life-Force energy within the client’s body (as energy-blockages are removed), at a steady, comfortable and safe pace.

The practitioner uses the heightened sensitivity in their hands to locate the imbalances in the bio-field then raises the vibration of the energy and draws the blocked energy away from the body, or restores energy where needed by drawing energy in to the body.

After the initial four recommended sessions, clients may choose to have further sessions or ‘top-up’ sessions that help them remain balanced and to keep energy moving, thus assisting them on their journey to a ‘higher level of health’.

During the sessions the structured format is slowly developed to meet the client’s individual needs, (with various techniques added at sessions two, three and then four to aid deeper detoxing and cleansing).

By following this structure the flow of Universal and Earth Life-Force Energy in the client’s body is re-established steadily and blockages are removed gradually over time after energy possibly being blocked and stagnant for many years.

This is a much more dynamic session than Spiritual Healing/Energy Healing.


As the Bi-Aura® Therapy Practitioner restores the flow of energy to the client’s body it is not unusual for the client to feel a sense of lightness immediately after a session, (as though a weight has been lifted from the client’s shoulders).

Clients often find they have an inner sense of wellbeing during and after a session and many sleep extraordinarily well after a session.

Over the course of four recommended sessions there are three possible benefits for a client:

  • There may be an immediate improvement in the client’s health, often with significant reductions in pain. A feeling of lightness similar to releasing a heavy weight or burden, and an inner feeling of increased wellbeing.Improved sleep is commonly experienced by many people.
  • There may be no immediate change in the client’s health but later a realisation that an ailment has gradually gone, wellbeing has improved, and symptoms have reduced.
  • In rare cases a client may feel tiredness or unwell as they experience a rapid detox. This takes place when the body adjusts to the changed energy flow and as balance is restored in the body. The time scale for this is dependent on the individual client and could represent minutes, hours, or couple of days. This is temporary and wellbeing follows.

Bi-Aura® Therapy Session

One Hour Sessions @ £45 each – £180 (minimum of four sessions)
Thirty Minute Sessions @ £35 each – £140 (minimum of four session)

Please note with the thirty-minute sessions, the first three sessions must take place on consecutive days.

Clients must commit to a minimum of four sessions of Bi-Aura® Therapy to benefit from it fully and to allow energy blockages to be cleared steadily and gently over time.


Bi-Aura®  Therapy is easily adapted to many medical conditions and may be used safely by people of all ages, including children, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, in any situation.

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (adult) during a Bi-Aura® Therapy Session.

Being complementary, Bi-Aura® Therapy works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies, expanding treatment options.
Bi-Aura® does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and all health problems of urgent concern.