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Natural Energy

Bliss Tranquility ‘Energy & Wellbeing’ Experiences and Events introduce ways to become consciously aware of our own energy and of the energy frequencies all around us with the aim of empowering and inspiring, sharing ways to authentically live joyfully, peacefully, blissfully and with a sense of tranquility whenever we choose.


The ‘life force’ within us all is brimming with potential in every aspect and on every level, offering so much by providing us with the tools and ability to reconnect to our true selves.


Restoring our natural flow of energy assists with deep relaxation as it brings calm, peace, balance and harmony to the mind, body and emotions.

Why should we think about our ‘life force’ energy?

By consciously connecting to our body through mindfully moving, breathing, resting, relaxing, meditating and experiencing music that resonates beautifully, the natural ‘life force’ energy within flows freely to improve and enhance our overall wellbeing.

‘We are stars… Let your light shine…’

Bliss Tranquility

Sunshine For The Soul

Photography ©2024 Bliss Tranquility

Sunshine For The Soul

 Bliss Tranquility Wellbeing Experience

Enlivening, Fun & Uplifting Ways To Consciously Connect Body, Mind & Soul

Gentle Yoga Movements To Release Stored Physical, Emotional & Mental Tension

Explore Ways To Improve Your Mobility, Concentration & Breathing

Restorative Yoga In Your Chair Or On The Mat

Breath-Work Session

Bliss Tranquility Energy-Work Session

Guided Relaxation & Meditation

A Calming & Self-Nurturing Experience

Option Of Adding A Sound Bath Available


Bring a sense of peace by pausing to rest, reset and re-focus on body, mind and soul.

A Bliss Tranquility Wellbeing Experience is created to uplift, bring a renewed sense of joy, conscious connection of body, mind and soul through the restorative paths of Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation, exploring Natural Energy and Breath-Work.


Available For Group Bookings At Your Venue, Workplace Or Bliss Tranquility Venue.

Option Of Adding A Sound Bath Available


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Inspired by ten years of experience as a Bi-Aura® Therapy Practitioner with Bi-Aura® International, Training at Regents College London and as an Energy Healer with The Healing Trust and National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK, Training at London University.