Meditation & Mindfulness


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Meditation Practice

By taking time to be still wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we can mindfully connect to the breath and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to relax and rest the body after periods of stress.


Meditation allows us to access the stillness within, finding a route to this relaxed state which aids the body’s life sustaining functions to move from ‘fight or flight’  to ‘rest and digest’, lowering the heart rate, enabling us to breathe deeply and in a more relaxed way, aiding digestion and providing many other health and wellbeing benefits.


Guided Meditations with Breath-Work Practices help those new to meditation to mindfully, step-by-step, find moments of peace and tranquility within.


Photography ©2024 Bliss Tranquility

Breathe & Restore

An Introduction To Guided Meditation

With Gentle Focus On Allowing The Mind To Find Stillness Through Restorative Breath-Work Practices

Live Online Weekly 60min Session via Zoom.


Also Available For 1:1 or Group Bookings, Online or In-Person At Your Venue, Workplace Or Bliss Tranquility Venue.

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Breath & Restore

Photography ©2024 Bliss Tranquility