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Why become a member?

By signing up for free membership you will be able to log in to your Bliss Tranquility Member Account at anytime to book Bliss Tranquility Classes, Courses, Sessions, Events, Experiences, to receive offers, discounts and much more.


How much will it cost?

Membership of the Bliss Tranquility Community is completely free. Bliss Tranquility Classes, Courses, Sessions, Events and Experiences are purchased whenever you wish to book an event or experience or book a class, session, course using single or multiple passes/packs, etc.


I’m new to yoga and not very flexible!

Don’t worry, the beauty of yoga is that through it’s safe modifications absolute beginners can enjoy the breath and body working together allowing you to experience the benefits of yoga. Over time and with regular gentle practice either on a chair or mat, the body will respond to this self-nurturing practice.


Do I need a yoga mat?

Yes, you will need your own yoga mat. You may wish to have a blanket for the relaxation or perhaps bring a yoga cushion.

At In-Person classes props like yoga blocks and straps will be provided.

Practicing yoga at home/online? You will need your yoga mat, a safe clear space to move in and details will be provided of any yoga props that may be required.


I have practiced yoga for a long time and want to be challenged a little more on my mat!

That’s great! You are very welcome to join this community of mixed ability yogis!

With encouragement to explore the yoga poses in all their many layers from early stages to more advanced variations and by focusing on where you can take your personal practice with guidance and support it’s a privilege to help you grow on your yoga path.


I have a health condition can I practice yoga?

Bliss Tranquility recommends seeking your GP’s advice before starting any exercise and/or attending any Bliss Tranquility Classes, Courses, Sessions, Events and/or Experiences.

Each health condition and surgery can bring it’s own limitations and recovery period. There is opportunity to make Bliss Tranquility aware of your health needs when placing a booking. If you wish to discuss prior to signing up to membership please feel free to contact by email click here 



For pregnancy Bliss Tranquility follows British Wheel of Yoga guidance to protect mother and child, for more information any queries surrounding this please feel free to contact by email click here


What if I need to cancel my membership?

With single/multiple class and session passes, one off payments for events, experiences and courses, you are free to cancel Bliss Tranquility Membership at anytime, there is no contract.

All purchases made prior to Bliss Tranquility Membership cancellation are subject to the Terms of that purchase. Details of refunds, credits and cancellation policy can be found on the Terms & Conditions.


I want to make a Group Booking for my colleagues, social group, family and friends, etc. How can I do this?

It’s easy! Simply use the contact form to get in touch, express your interest and you will be given all the information for that Event, Experience or Session.

All your questions answered you’ll then be guided through the Group Booking process.

For more information please feel free to contact by email click here


What if I would like to try 1:1 yoga?

Working with a teacher 1:1 can really help your yoga practice.

For more information please feel free to contact by email click here