Bliss Tranquility Dance

Dance and improvised physical movement to music are powerful natural healing experiences that create space in our busy minds to allow for intuitive restorative connection to the body.

To dance by moving freely and easily, to physically express oneself in a naturally relaxed form is a way of releasing stress and stuck negative energy. Dancing feels life affirming and has been something human beings have enjoyed for thousands of years. Bringing inner harmony by allowing the body to guide itself naturally through music is incredibly uplifting and great fun.

Bliss Tranquility Dance is quite simply the experience of uplifting, joyful, blissful, free and relaxed movement to music followed by some time for relaxation and a non-denominational guided meditation.

Using non-structured dance that is made up of you creating your own improvised movements as you simply follow the sound and feel of the music, a Bliss Tranquility Dance Experience is rather like being at a great party, at conscious clubbing and ecstatic dance, or at a family gathering and spontaneously dancing to old tunes of yesteryear or being with friends dancing at a celebration enjoying a good ‘boogie’ on the dance-floor, and it also allows for those who enjoy tapping their feet or waving their arms just sitting in a chair while listening to the music to help combine the pleasure of sound and movement.

The Bliss Tranquility Dance Experience assists us with ‘letting go’ of everything outside the space for an hour or so and encourages dancing to some great tunes in a conscious way, really connecting to the different sounds. The style of music builds gently during the session to uplifting beats before becoming mellow once more and slowing down to prepare for calm relaxation, stillness, and peaceful rest during a non-denominational guided meditation.

It’s clear that dance or gentle movement of any kind always feels good on so many levels. However with work schedules and life’s commitments dancing and moving creatively, improvising freely to the music with our bodies on the dance-floor is something over time we find less opportunity or time to do yet many studies show dancing creatively and singing along when moving are such wonderful activities to do on a regular basis for mind, body, spirit, and for good health and wellbeing.


Bliss Tranquility Dance Experience Benefits Are:

  • Being joyful and playful in a relaxed and easy environment.
  • Reconnecting the body’s senses on an intuitive level and rejoicing in the power of music and sound, bringing balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit.
  • Enjoying physical improvised movement/dancing with free self-expression that is very ‘grounding’, bringing a sense of happiness and peace within.
  • Being ‘present’ in the moment and letting go of all external influences as you listen to the music and become creative in body movement, from simply swaying to the beat or dancing up a sweat.
  • A structured playlist from a live DJ for an enhanced experience, followed by time for relaxation and a guided meditation that is non-denominational, created to give rest and restore balance of ‘mind body spirit’ this completes the session.


As most people get tied up with work, family and busy life schedules it becomes more and more difficult to relax in this natural and fun way. The inner child who we leave behind in our adult lives still needs to run, play and dance freely, and being able to do this in a conscious uplifting environment is possible.

The Bliss Tranquility Dance Experience is a place to connect to your breath, your senses, listening to the sounds, improvising with movement and dancing for fun, experiencing pure joy and an enhanced feeing of wellbeing followed by time to rest, relax and be still.


Bliss Tranquility Dance Experience Includes The Following:

  • Well known uplifting songs from all eras and generations of music, world music beats and uplifting sounds to calming music to soothe the soul and human spirit.
  • Easy atmosphere where all ages (over 18yrs) are welcome, no smart dress code just easy relaxed clothes (that are respectful to others taking part), i.e. tracksuit, leggings, t-shirt etc., wearing layers is good, and clean indoor shoes that will support your feet i.e. trainers or sports shoe with good support.
  • No alcohol or drugs allowed, and no late nights!
  • A happy relaxed environment with the emphasis on respecting the space of all individuals dancing, respecting the various ages of those dancing, creating an easy happy atmosphere.
  • Dancing alone or sharing the space, connecting or allowing others to remain in their own space.
  • No mobile phones – all must be switched off or turned to silent for the duration of the session.
  • No talking on the dance-floor, to help create a happy atmosphere for all with full connection to the music.


Why not step away from work, all electronic devices, laptop or computer screens, phones beeping and rushed schedules for an hour or two? Why not join the dance?


All participants must be over 18 years, feel free to bring a yoga/pilates/exercise mat or similar, to lie on for the relaxation and guided meditation. Blankets and cushions may also be brought for this part of the session if you wish. Soft drinks, i.e. water may be brought along but no glass bottles please.

Bliss Tranquility Full Terms & Conditions apply.


For booking a Bliss Tranquility Dance Experience check Events for dates and email for a copy of the Bliss Tranquility Full Terms & Conditions or if you would like to ask for further information.


Bliss Tranquility Dance does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and all health problems of urgent concern.