Bliss Tranquility Music

For many thousands of years healing with sound has been used across the globe.

A huge percentage of the human body is made up of water, this allows us to feel, sense and absorb any vibration and sound at the very deepest level.

The ancient form of healing with sound recognizes the effects that all vibrations and sounds have on our wellbeing. From this we can begin to understand the impact of music in healing.

Studies on the powerful effects of music produced at a high vibration and high frequency have shown the many benefits on the individual including calm breathing patterns, reduction in muscle tension, relaxed heart rates, increase in endorphin release and a relaxed lowering of blood pressure.

Patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and other serious health conditions respond well to music with wonderful effects on overall wellbeing. Uplifting and bringing restorative energy, studies show that listening to music assists in recovery after surgery by reducing anxiety and even helping to overcome pain levels in the body. During end of life care for both young and old, music is a soothing salve for the soul.

All genres of music have positive effects from Gregorian chants sung by monks to pop choirs, to Mozart’s music or the music of other great classical composers, to music played on a harp, violin, guitar, piano or on a simple piece of percussion, to folk music, country, rock or pop music, across every genre through jazz, dance, classical and world beats. It is very clear that high quality sounds from instruments and the voice, make music a positive powerful healer that can reach in to our mind, body and spirit.

Bliss Tranquility Music for relaxation and positive upliftment is available at the Bliss Tranquility Store. For Bliss Tranquility Music and Sound Events please see Events.

Bliss Tranquility Music does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and all health problems of urgent concern.