My Story

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I began practicing yoga around the age of 15 when my Mum gave me a Hatha Yoga book with postures, sequences, information and a gentle introduction to becoming a yogi. Being curious and enjoying all the benefits of stretching the body while feeling a sense of peace and calm I decided to continue exploring yoga, it’s been a constant part of my life ever since.

With a professional background in the UK Music Industry I found myself turning to yoga more and more through busy periods, deadlines, after travel. etc., as it helped me return to my most authentic self by carving out moments for stillness, relaxed breathing and time on my yoga mat.

I’ve loved trying many different styles of yoga at the Sivanander Yoga Centre and Triyoga in London and with the British Wheel of Yoga.  Ashtanga Yoga with it’s dynamic flowing asanas is my favourite way of connecting mind, body and spirit, uplifting my mood, giving me more energy and bringing a sense of inner joy. Hatha Yoga still remains my cherished gentle restorative practice.

Through life changes I had an opportunity to study energy therapies so alongside my creative work in music I learned about the subtle body, prana and discovered how yoga is perfectly aligned to consciously connecting to the ‘life force’ energy within us all.

By 2020 I had the gift of time to indulge in diving ever deeper in to my Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga practice at home feeling that I was finally ready to train as a yoga teacher, something I always felt drawn to.

The path to sharing yoga with others began with me studying to teach with The British Wheel of Yoga bringing me full circle from the early classes with the BWY that I attended as a beginner.

As this path unfolds for me I hope to share joy and peace through yoga and other experiences so I humbly invite you to join me for yoga practice, mindfulness & meditation, energy & wellbeing experiences, or maybe for uplifting dance and a sound bath, a course or an event or experience.


I so look forward to meeting you xx





Founder of Bliss Tranquility